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Air Conditioning Maintenance
Jul 20th 2021

What to Expect During Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance

Wilmington, Hampstead, Leland and surrounding areas are known for our humid subtropical climate, which means long and hot summers. With your air conditioning unit constantly churning during these months, annual AC maintenance is a must. Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is a crucial component of your home and maintaining it is important for safety and comfort.

Your air conditioning unit is durable and should last you years. However, basic wear and tear, without occasional maintenance, can reduce the unit’s performance. It’s recommended to have your AC unit inspected annually. An HVAC system that’s not in peak performance will increase your energy consumption or may not cool efficiently or evenly.

Our AC inspectors and technicians ensure your HVAC system is efficient by:

Visually inspecting your air ducts and cleaning and changing filters if needed.

Keep your home free of dust and pollutants which can accumulate in different parts of the AC system, including filters and ducts. Dirty ducts and filters can spread dust and allergens inside the home. Families prone to asthmatic attacks, frequent colds or other respiratory problems benefit the most from a clean HVAC duct and filter system. If an issue is discovered, a follow up cleaning appointment may be needed.

Checking the calibration of your thermostat.

During the dog-days of summer, temperatures in Wilmington can rise above 89 degrees often with up to 95% humidity. On those sticky hot days, even newer HVAC systems work hard to cool and dehumidify the house. Keeping your home cool can reduce the chance of dehydration, sleep disturbance and even heat stroke, among other issues. Maintaining your AC in peak condition can safeguard your family and improve comfort and checking and calibrating your thermostat can make a huge difference in your family’s comfort.

Reviewing safety features of the unit

Air conditioning systems use refrigerant gases and many furnaces rely on fuel to function. The intricate wiring and coils all interact to keep the system functioning. During an annual AC inspection, our technicians ensure that all the wiring is up to par, and there are no refrigerant or gas leaks.

Inspecting the condensing coils, compressor, etc.

HVAC systems that have dirty evaporator coils or inefficient compressors may have reduced air flow. A well maintained AC unit can restore efficiency. During your annual air conditioning maintenance appointment an ac inspector will identify problems and address them before your energy bills soar.

Ensuring all wiring connections are tight and voltage is properly calibrated

You may notice in summer months, your electricity bill goes up. Your air conditioning system can contribute significantly to your energy bill and is often the top energy user in your home. The amount of energy your AC uses can vary depending on its efficiency.

Lubricating moving parts

HVAC systems are complicated machines and have mechanical parts that wear over time. Most modern AC units are designed to last at least ten years, and maintenance plays a key role in ensuring your unit’s longevity. Keeping moving parts well lubricated at all times, and replacing those that are damaged can ensure the health of the unit. These annual precautionary measures reduce the chances of your HVAC system breaking down and increase its lifespan.

Cleaning and flushing systems if needed

If you’ve ever seen inside an HVAC unit you’ve seen the complex orchestra of coils, condensers, drains, fans and more that make up the system. Cleaning and flushing these systems removes any debris that may have built up over the year. Float switches and drain pipes are checked for proper functionality - all contributing to a well-functioning more energy efficient unit.

There are many benefits of AC inspection, including:

  • Keeping the Family Cool and Comfortable During the Summer
  • Lowering your Home Energy Consumption
  • Increasing the Lifespan of Your HVAC System
  • Safeguarding the Health of Your Family
  • Lowering your Home Energy Consumption
  • Ensure the Safety of the Unit and Provide Peace of Mind

Regular annual inspection and routine maintenance are the key to keeping your air condirtioning system in peak condition and ready for the coastal Carolina summers. Plus, HVAC systems play a significant role in ensuring your family’s comfort. Brinson and Sons offers air conditioning maintenance, inspection and repair services.


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