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Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips
Sept 28th 2021

Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

The transition season of fall can have your thermostat jumping from heating to cooling and back again. The modern Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is perfectly equipped for this task. But how can you keep your home comfort system in tip-top shape?

Change your Air Filter

Time the changing of your air filters to the changing of seasons. It’s good to give your furnace a fresh start once the temperatures begin to dip. So, even though you may be running your AC for a little longer here in the South, the cooling weather should trigger your home filter change.

Conduct a Visual Inspection

You probably don’t spend a lot of time out back near your air conditioning unit. During the summer growth season, plants and debris may have popped up around the unit. Clearing away any vegetation from the area is a good idea. The outdoor portion of your heating and air system houses the condenser coil, compressor, electrical components and a fan. Visually inspect the unit to make sure these important components don’t look damaged.

Prepare your HVAC Unit Now for Winter

In between seasons is also a great time for your annual HVAC tuneup. Our maintenance team will ensure nothing is leaking and that the system is still in good working order. Because of our humid atmosphere, steps can be taken to discourage mildew from forming. Annual air conditioner maintenance check ups often find and stop small issues before they become a large and expensive one.

Reprogram your Thermostat

Now that the weather is cooling, you don’t need to keep the same settings you had during the summer. Ideally a programmable system can help you set the temperatures to keep you comfortable at different times of the day. You may want to regulate your thermostat to compensate for fluctuations, for instance if your home is empty during the day, if you enjoy cooler temperatures as you fall asleep, or if the outdoor temperatures fall at night but are still warm during the day.

Schedule a fall furnace and air conditioning tune-up now and be prepared for the winter ahead. Contact us for more information..


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