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Heat Pump Maintenance Tips For Winter
Jan 20th 2021

Heat Pump Maintenance Tips For Winter

During the winter months, our heat pumps need a little extra attention so they can perform efficiently. Here are a few suggestions from the experts at Brinson and Sons on things you can do to ensure your units are functioning at their best.

  • Keep your thermostat set at one temperature setting. Constant adjusting can cause higher utility costs and add extra wear and tear to your unit.
  • If using your thermostat as a setback type, limit the setbacks to twice a day such as when you are at work and when you are sleeping. Also only setback the thermostat 6% of desired temperature (approximately five degrees).
  • Make it a habit to look at the outdoor heat pump during the winter months. If the unit is covered in ice or snow, turn the thermostat to emergency heat or the off position and remove as much of the snow and ice as possible. However, do not use any sharp objects to pick or knock the ice off the coils of the heat pump. This could cause severe damage and personal injury. Once the unit is clear of snow and ice turn the thermostat back to normal heating. If the unit ices up again, call (910) 763-3550 Brinson and Sons for service.
  • Do not let the outdoor unit sit underneath a leaking gutter. In the winter months, water will drip on the top of the unit and freeze solid. This will restrict the air flow and cause the unit to freeze-up.
  • Always keep your heat pumps elevated 4 to 8 inches above ground level to keep coils clear of snow and ice and to allow for proper drainage.

But keep in mind here at Brinson and Sons we are always ready to help.

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