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HVAC Home Automation
Nov 17th 2021

Give Home Automation for the Holidays

Give the gift everyone wants for the holidays, a comfortable home that can be controlled from anywhere. Many homeowners are investing in smart HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems and are realizing the many benefits of this technology. Control the temperature of your home from your smartphone, tablet or computer, save money on utility costs and stay cozy this holiday season and beyond.

What Does Home Automation Mean?

With your home connected to the internet, home automation allows automatic control of electronic devices in your home, including your heating and air conditioning system. The technology allows the system to be controlled remotely. In addition to your heating and air, some smart homes include automated security cameras, programmable lighting and more. If you already have automation in your home, ask us about connecting your heating and air conditioning system.

What are the Advantages of Home Automation?

Energy efficiency, convenience, and peace of mind when you’re away are all major benefits of an automated HVAC system. These smart systems learn your household's habits and adjust your home’s temperature automatically. A “learning thermostat” automatically provides enough warm or cool air to keep your family comfortable, without wasting energy and money. These smart thermostats also factor in outdoor temperature and trigger your air handler to provide more air on hotter days and less air on cooler ones—and vice versa in the winter. With proper programming, these automated heating and cooling systems can cut your energy bill significantly and keep your family comfortable while doing so.

Choosing the Best Smart Thermostat

Google Nest Thermostat, Honeywell Home Zone Panel, Trane Programmable WiFi Comfort Control Thermostat and many others are available, but how do you choose the best automated system for your family? Consider other technology you already own. If you’re a Google user for example, then a Nest would work well for your family, or if you have a Trane unit their smart thermostat might work best for you. If you like your home a little warmer in the morning and cooler at night, most systems can accommodate these variances in temperature automatically. Some more advanced (and in turn a little more expensive) systems can even set different temperatures for different rooms or zones, called home automation zoning. Automated systems come with many different features and in many different price points.

To find out if HVAC automation is right for you, contact the professionals at Brinson and Sons to conduct an audit of your home’s heating and cooling system. Our experienced team will examine your current HVAC equipment, discuss what upgrades might be beneficial to you and help you choose the smart features that work best for your family and budget. We’ll even set everything up for optimal comfort and energy savings, all in time for a happy and warm holiday season.

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