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How Do You When To Service Your Commercial HVAC?
Mar 1st 2020

How Do You When To Service Your Commercial HVAC?

There are many reasons to keep your commercial HVAC working properly but the two main reasons are; proper working equipment costs less to operate and the units last longer when maintained properly.


High humidity in your building is a sure sign that some about your HVAC is not working correctly. You may also notice condensation on your AC or heating unit.


An AC that is not functionally property requires more power. So if you noticed a spike in your utility bill your HVAC could be consuming extra power indicating a malfunction.


If you smell a musty odor coming from your ducts that could be a problem with mold or mildew from your units. Even small animals or birds can become trapped and decay inside an HVAC and of course, this would cause an odor.


Beware of humming, clanking, clicking or buzzing sounds coming from your units. Air conditioners and furnaces that need repairs often make these sounds.


One thing about heating and cooling, everyone is affected, your employees, your customers even your delivery services. So listen to the people who are telling you how they feel. Sometimes they will notice things before you and enable you to catch a minor issues before it becomes major. Catching problems early is what we are all about. Call us today for a maintenance equipment check. You may save yourself a bundle.

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