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What do I if my HVAC system breaks down over the holidays?
Dec 16th 2020

What do I if my HVAC system breaks down over the holidays?

There is never a good time for your HVAC system to break down. However, during the holidays it's an extremely difficult time to go without your heating and cooling system. Many homeowners spend the holidays in their home with friends and family and a breakdown could be disastrous, especially if you are hosting a holiday party.

But have no worries! Our customers have been through holiday HVAC interruptions and so will you! Below are just a few pro tips for what you should do when your HVAC system breaks down this holiday season.

Troubleshooting Your HVAC System

It can be easy to panic when you notice the first sign of trouble with your HVAC system – especially if you’re planning on entertaining guests. But there’s no need to panic. Before you call us in to fix the issue, you can do some simple troubleshooting tasks on your own to try to determine the cause of the problem. It may be a simple fix that you can handle yourself!

Try these simple troubleshooting tasks before you call in the professionals:

  • Verify that your HVAC system has power and that the circuit breaker isn’t tripped.
  • Check to make sure that the thermostat has power and fresh batteries.
  • Switch the thermostat to “heat” and adjust the temperature by 3 to 5 degrees. Then, wait 30 seconds to see if the heat is coming out of the register. (Do the same for air conditioning but with the “cool” mode.)
  • Make sure that the fan on the thermostat is switched to on and that the air registers are open.

These are just a few simple tasks that you can do yourself to see if the HVAC repair issue is something simple. If you still cannot get your HVAC system to work then it’s time to call in the professionals. We DO NOT recommend trying to diagnose or fix your heating and cooling equipment beyond these simple troubleshooting measures unless you are a certified and trained HVAC technician yourself.

Call Emergency Wilmington HVAC Company – Brinson & Sons

We want our customers and everyone in the Cape Fear region to have the peace of mind in knowing that if something goes wrong with their HVAC system, our experienced technicians will be there to fix it. Whether it’s Christmas morning or New Year’s Eve, someone will be available to help diagnose and fix your HVAC issue. We aim to have your system back up and running in no time so that you can enjoy your holidays with those who matter most.

Call today to schedule emergency HVAC repair services: (910) 763-3550.

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