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HVAC - Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
Jun 3rd 2016

HVAC - Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

Every home in Wilmington needs HVAC. Warm or cool dehumidified air flows through ducts to to all of the rooms in your house using these systems. HVAC systems are what will keep you comfortable in your home on both cold and hot days.

If you’re worried about all the energy you are using when you turn on the HVAC system, there’s no need to fret. Over the years HVAC systems have improved in energy efficiency. You can actually save money and be comfortable by maintaining your HVAC system.


At Brinson and Sons we have qualified technicians that can repair, replace, or install a large selection of HVAC units at the lowest market price.

How can we save you money?

  • $190.00 Duct Work Rebate (a properly sealed and insulated duct system can save energy and money)
  • Low Cost HVAC System Replacement (special prices that are sure to be easy on your budget)
  • Complimentary Window AC Units (when system replacements take more than 48 hours)
  • $300.00 Rebate from Duke Energy Progress (Brinson and Sons is a pre-qualified contractor for Duke Energy Progress)

View our full list of specials: HVAC Specials in Wilmington, NC

We want to keep you cool this summer, call today to schedule a maintenance check today. 910-763-3550

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