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Is Your HVAC Prepared For Hurricane Season?
Aug 8th 2020

Is Your HVAC Prepared For Hurricane Season?

Here on the east coast, the hurricane season is upon us, June 1 – November 30. Which means it’s time to prepare your home for whatever weather blows in. The storms don’t just bring rain and wind, they also cause power outages which can affect your HVAC. So in your preparations don’t forget to protect your HVAC system.


Below are steps you can take before, during and after a storm to minimize damage to your HVAC.

  • Cool your home. Cool your home in advance so you can stay comfortable if your power goes out and while waiting for power to return. Close blinds, keep doors and windows shut to help keep things cool.
  • Secure the unit. Be sure to secure your unit during high winds and rain. We also recommend you have a professional evaluate your unit if your area is prone to flooding.
  • Turn off the electricity. Your AC can be damaged by electrical surges during a storm. Debris can also become trapped and damage the motor. So it’s always best to shut off power to your A/C system during these extreme storms.
  • Protect your A/C unit. After you’ve turned off your air conditioner, it’s also a good idea to cover it to protect it from flying debris. Be sure to remove the covering as soon as it’s safely possible. Keeping your unit covered too long can trap moisture which leads to mold and mildew.
  • Check for damage. Make sure to assess the storm damage before you turn your system back on. Flooding or flying debris could have damaged your unit and turning it on can make the problem worse. However to avoid mold and mildew turn your A/C on as soon as possible.
  • Contact Brinson and Sons: Your safest approach is to call an HVAC expert to inspect your unit for damage after the storm. That will give you professional peace of mind that it’s operating safely and properly. They can also help if it turns out that you need a new HVAC system.

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