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Leland Heating & Air

Leland Heating & Air

How’s it going Leland? Brinson and Sons has been dedicated to bringing the best HVAC services to the Leland area for several decades. Contact Us for more detailed information about how we can service you! You can rely on us because we understand the needs of your area. The area of Leland is one of our most valued neighbors to the Wilmington area.

Brinson and Sons was founded by Jack Brinson in 1974. Jack had one goal in mind: to providing top quality, reliable heating and air conditioning solutions with great personal service. The company saw rapid growth because of his philosophy and has since has become the number one choice to all HVAC solutions in the Carolinas. His family grew parallel to his business; his sons soon joined the company where they continued the family tradition of providing impeccable service to Wilmington and surrounding areas.


Adding scheduled maintenance to your HVAC system is paramount to saving money and keeping the air conditioned. Brinson and Sons offers competitive maintenance for your Leland home. HVAC maintenance can also prevent your existing system from failing – saving you thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement costs.

It’s no secret that Leland experiences some of the hottest, muggiest summers in the Carolinas. Even one day without proper air conditioning is brutal; that’s why Brinson and Sons offers free, complimentary window units while performing in-home repairs. Battling the heat should never be a concern when you choose Brinson and Sons as your HVAC provider.


We know it’s no fun when an air conditioning system goes out in the middle of the summer. Not only is it no fun, but it can be dangerous in severely hot weather. Brinson and Sons is dedicated to providing our customers with fast and professional service. If we can’t repair your air conditioning within 48 hours, we’ll provide you with a complimentary window air conditioning unit.

Our service and installation technicians come to the Leland, N.C. area often. Set up an appointment for a no obligation quote.

Thank you Leland, we appreciate you! And Go Scorpions!

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