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Our Wilmington HVAC Repairmen Promise
Oct 24th 2016

Our Wilmington HVAC Repairmen Promise

Before you call a professional for HVAC repair, there are a few preliminary items you can check to ensure your HVAC system does actually need service. Checking these items before calling saves you valuable time and money. If you’re unable to self-diagnose the problem, it is Brinson and & Son’s Wilmington HVAC repairmen promise.

  • Check the Power
  • Check the Air Filter
  • Check the Thermostat
  • Clean the Condensate Drain


We know cool air is vital in the Carolina heat – but what about warm air? Let’s not forget, staying warm in winter is of vital importance and even in the most southern reaches of our state temperatures often drop below freezing. Brinson and Sons offers complete heat pump and central heating system installation and repair.


We cater to all clients of all needs. From small homes to expansive businesses, our 30 years of experience allows us to install the most reliable systems at the most competitive prices. With approved credit, homeowners can qualify for 60-month special financing – making our commitment to you a no-brainer. We have over 20 technicians at our disposal, all who are HVAC certified to give you peace of mind. Our expansive skillset has earned us major projects throughout the area including Charlotte, Raleigh, New Bern, Fayetteville, Myrtle Beach and more.

If air conditioning repairs exceed 48 hours in required time, then we will provide you with complimentary air conditioning window units to keep temperatures down. Air conditioning service should be easy and practical, that is why we rely on common sense at Brinson and Sons.

We Guarantee Client Satisfaction

Our Wilmington HVAC repairmen are always ready for when you need HVAC repair the most. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and how we can help.

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