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6 Reasons to Install an Air Purifier
Apr 7th 2021

6 Reasons to Install an Air Purifier

Clean fresh air is extremely important to our health and the health of our loved ones. When outside, nature is taking care of our air quality by producing ions that are constantly working to clean the air. Ions are created with energy from rushing water, crashing waves and even sunlight. But inside our home we are exposed to toxins everyday. By installing an air purifier we can experience fresh clean air indoors. Below are 6 reasons you should consider an air purifying system for your home.

Your Health

You or a loved one may struggle with asthma or respiratory diseases. Allergens can cause acute attacks leading to poor health and quality of life. Air purifiers are designed to better quality air in your home giving everyone peace of mind.


We all love our pets and should not have to choose between them and the allergies they sometimes cause. An air purifier works effectively to filter pet dander,hair and fur from your air resulting in the environment being cleaner and healthier. It’s a win-win for both you and your pet.

Neutralizes Odors

If you have been out and return to your home you may notice unpleasant smells that meet you at the door. The home smells can come from a multitude of sources. Such as; garbage disposals, carpet, furniture, dirty clothes, shoes, plush toys, even what we cook in our home can linger for days. An air purification system can eliminate these odors. So the next time you or your guest walk into your home you will only be greeted with freshness.

New Home Smell

We all love the new home smell. We consider it to be the ultimate in clean and freshness. But actually, that “new house” smell can be filled with pollutants and toxins from the building products. These odors have actually been shown to cause health problems. An air purifier can eliminate these toxins and improve the air quality in your new home so everyone can truly enjoy the new home.

Airborne Diseases

So everyone knows that when one family member gets a cold or virus then the others are sure to follow. This is because tiny pathogens are floating around in the air and we are all breathing that same air. The pathogens are waiting for the next person to infect. An air purifier filters the bacteria and viruses out of the air allowing everyone a chance to have fresh air that isn’t infected. Which in turn can protect others from getting sick.

Improved Sleep

Many of us are allergic to indoor allergens such as dust mites. We can experience many sleepless nights from congestion, sneezing, coughing and sore throats. The lack of sleep can affect everything from our daily productivity to our immune systems. An air purifier can filter out these allergens allowing for a better night's sleep and better quality of life.

Brinson & Sons are here to assist you with your home air quality. Don’t struggle any longer with these and many other issues that can result from poor air quality.


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