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Ways To Stay Warm This Winter
Dec 30th 2016

Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

We may be at the beach, but that doesn’t pardon us from all cold, winter weather. As a matter of fact, because Wilmington experiences such warm weather throughout the year, many homes are unprepared for a the winter months. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the many ways you can stay warm this winter.


Turn the ceiling fan? Some of you may be scratching your head right now. It’s somewhat of a little-known fact that ceiling fans do, in fact, have two directional settings that can be changed via a switch located at the top of the fan. During winter, your fans should be set to turn clockwise at low speed. This is because the gentle movement of air upwards will grab the warmer air, which naturally gravitates towards the ceiling, and push it towards the walls and onto the floor. This will make rooms feel warmer and decrease the need for conventional warming.


Take days that are especially cold and use them to spend time indoors. Nothing beats a good movie or video game to keep the cold weather at bay. Make sure that all doors are properly sealed and all windows are completely shut. Check doors leading outside for drafts, too. Any place where warm air can escape and cold air can enter must be sealed.


This tip is only for those who live in areas where getting your car stolen is not an active threat. Cranking your car 10 minutes prior to driving will help create a warm and toasty environment waiting for you to enjoy while you get ready to go out or go to work. Newer cars often come equip with remote starts, too. This means that you can crank your car and keep your doors locked without worry of possible intruders.


That beach bod you’ve been wanting for so long isn’t going to come along itself. Winter is the perfect time to start working towards your fitness goals. Not only will you look better for it, but your natural body heat and higher metabolism will help generate more heat too.


Did we mention (we likely have) that Brinson & Sons offers comprehensive heating repair and maintenance? Why is it important to get your unit inspected? Heaters that are regularly maintenanced work more efficiently using less energy. They also tend to break a lot less often – so there’s that too. To learn more about our heating offers, check out this page.

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