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What Are Humidifiers?
Dec 29th 2016

What Are Humidifiers?

Humidifiers are becoming increasingly more prevalent in both homes and businesses world-wide. But what do they do exactly? As the name suggests, humidifiers increase the humidity in your home or business by slowly releasing moisture into your home through various means. What options are available for humidifiers and what benefit do they hold? Learn more below.


Although we live near the coast – we still experience brisk and snappy winter days. You’ve probably already attributed your chapped lips and nasally cough to the cold, dry air. Now, why would you want the same dry air in your home? Moist air (30-50% humidity in most homes) helps to improve health and air quality by allowing your lungs and sinuses the moisture they need to function properly. Be careful, though, as too much moisture in the air (over 50% humidity) may cause adverse side effects and mold buildup.


Small humidifiers for homes exist in small packages and sometimes even as essential oil diffusers. These humidifiers typically range from ten to fifty dollars in cost. These humidifiers are useful for filling small to medium sized areas with humidity in a small home or apartment; however, businesses and larger homes will require more enterprise-level equipment.


Some call it snake oil, others pledge their effectiveness. Essential oil diffusers are increasingly more prevalent in homes today. These work by evaporating visible vapor into the air that contains small amounts of “essential oils” – which typically include tea tree oil, peppermint, eucalyptus and much more. These can work well in small spaces, but they will not adequately fill a home with humidity. Oil diffusers will also fill the home with a pleasant aroma; each oil is said to help with different ailments ranging from insomnia to headaches.


HVAC systems do not typically have humidifiers installed with them. To quickly and easily fill your home with your desired amount of humidity, you’ll need to purchase a whole-home humidifier. These devices usually attach to HVAC units in some way to “infuse” the air with moisture as it’s being pushed out into the home. Brinson & Sons has the expertise to implement these systems for you as well as troubleshoot and maintain existing humidifier systems.

At Brinson & Sons, we pride ourselves on being able to install, troubleshoot and provide maintenance to any HVAC project, large or small. As humidifiers becomes increasingly prevalent in our homes, we plan to continue to follow their evolution closely so that we may better service you.

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